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I will be the first to admit that, while previously I found the idea of ​​a mat for a board game interesting. But it was never something that I really thought I owned for myself, as it often felt like a trivial purchase of someone with a higher income than myself. However, now I have to admit that having a mat makes a Playing games is much more comfortable. Let’s have a look at Big Viking Mat, right?

It is currently on Kickstarter and it will end on May 20.I have been dealing with the mat slower than I would like due to the highly inconsistent nature of international posting, so these will not be an in-depth thought. But it’s a quick impression.I sat down to play Elder Sign’s solo game and the Gates of Arkham expansion, thinking that cards and dice would be a good test of the nylon textures and neoprene padding.

The first impression is that it is so luxurious that the mat is 4mm thick, I can catch it thick and soft and that depth could be increased to 5mm on the Kickstarter due to the stretched target. This step up makes most games more satisfying than leaning on hard floors all the time, where the wrist, forearm, or elbow can be sore or itchy, and picking up a card is much easier because you can push it into the neoprene. This helps mitigate damage to the edge of the card when you try to remove the card from the normal table. The usual handful of dice turns into a hiss, which may or may not be pleasant depending on how you feel the dice loudly. I mean when they are definitely ironed. Not when they sit still. That’s stupid

Currently, there are four sizes on offer that are designed to cover common table sizes, so you can opt for a larger dining table, five-piece dining table, round / tableware, and folding table. In terms of size, these are detailed as 75 39 x 39 ″, 46 ″ x 27 ″, 32 ″ x 32 ″ and 59 ″ x 25.5 ″ In my case, I opted for a folding table size because it would fit well on a desk. It’s really mine that I play a lot of solo games or run by myself to get the rules before recommending the game to my friends, hopefully the size given will be suitable for most people.

As for the prices, they range from $ 48 to $ 105 for the dining table size, which is quite expensive. Considering the thickness of the material and most mats have only 2mm pads, but I feel they are priced and reasonable with what you get.

What I cannot comment on is the long term durability of the mat. Being neoprene and going black, you want to avoid scratching the surface with sharp things or dropping the cup on a wet floor. As a result, I pulled out the pocket knife and continued to cut and stab the mat, and was delighted to see that in either case there was no visible damage, the material simply absorbed the blade. This gives me a lot of hope for the long-term survival of the Big Viking Mats, the edge is another question. You can clearly see the neoprene sandwiched between the two layers of the nylon skin, and I’m a little worried about the fraying that might happen, or about the nylon slowly slipping out of the neoprene when. Time passed Without having to use the mat for months or years, I can’t judge how the edges will respond to long-term abuse. With the quality of the mat But I believe it should be able to cope well with the harshness of life.

There’s really little to say about the mat. Once you’ve got in the deep, there’s not much to split up and discuss, so it’s a pretty short review. So I think the question is, do I recommend this personally? Yes, now for transparency, it’s worth noting that I don’t use many other mats to compare with this mat. Still, with the opportunity to experience the Big Viking Mats’ products, I had no problem throwing money into Kickstarter, although I would personally say that a luxury play area is not important unless you. Actually, get into the board game by this point and get together with people often to play. In other words, it is definitely not something I would recommend to everyone. But that didn’t stop me slapping the featured stickers here. Amazingly soft, it seems to be super durable and sized enough to fit most people. Now if it can make tea as well, right?

why? I’m going to be reviewing their large neoprene mat designed for board game lovers like myself. But due to the somewhat inconsistent nature of international posting, I won’t get my hands on the mat a few times. Several days and as a result, Paul of Big Viking Mats sent me an email asking what I would be willing to post before the Kickstarter was over, I am happy to take responsibility.

The idea is easy enough These are large neoprene mats designed to give you a smoother playing area as well as protect your shirt.

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