Some Reason For Popularity Of Courses after 12th commerce


There are so many students who choose accounting or commerce subject but some find it interesting while others stuck in numbers and calculations. If you have commerce and you are good at it, then you have lots of opportunities to take.

In India, Commerce is a common stream with HSC (10+2) students. Having studied Commerce in Class 12 provides applicants to pick from a number of courses at Graduation level, covering the way for a variety of career opportunities.

One of the major advantages that Commerce students have over Arts students is that they are available for both Commerce and Arts courses. Selection of courses after 12th for Commerce students, be it long-term or one year both admissions are crucial. Choosing the perfect courses after 12th class is the most difficult and important decision in a student’s life.

There are many students who pass with commerce in class 12 and think about what they can do thereafter. These courses after 12th commerce are indeed helpful for one’s career. Here is some course that can widely benefit students you pass school having commerce backgrounds.

The following are mainstream courses that usually take 2 or more than 2 years of time after your school is over.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)
Company Secretary (CS)
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
BCA (IT and Software) that is Bachelors in Computer Application
After class 12 exams students usually get a long free period of time where they have a gap of almost a month and till college starts it is well almost a year. Many students think it to be a wise choice to peruse some One year course. One can do these Courses after 12th commerce and these are indeed good for one’s career. These are basically diploma course that can be done in a year and suffices as great, prospective career options.

Some Reason For Popularity Of Courses after 12th commerce
Some Reason For Popularity Of Courses after 12th commerce

• Digital Marketing- today an integrated course in Digital Marketing is considered to be equivalent to any BBA and MBA degree because of its higher skills and according to industry specialists, it is the greatest diploma course after 12th commerce.

• Web Design and Development- By doing this course one can design websites from different companies and since you have a knowledge of commerce, the data and statistics included in the site will be easier to embed.

• Computer Application- Computer in the contemporary world is essential. The diploma curses usually constitute of PC application course and sometimes advanced excel and both the knowledge are requires in even basic jobs like data entry to a high demanding job like a data analyst.

• Financial Accounting- This particular field of financial accounting is immense potential as it has a range of vacancy

• Hotel Management- This course enables you to become managers in top-notch star rated properties. Good salaries, health insurance, leadership, discounts, etc. are some of the benefits of becoming a hotel manager.

• Retail Management- After passing a retail management course successfully, one can certainly hope to work in the publishing industry, music stores, multiplexes, shopping malls, garment industry, processed foods industry, and in various other growing businesses.

Because of so many options commerce is also a popular choice among students. There are so many benefits of commerce-oriented subjects as they allow you to get the best career opportunities and work in the dream companies. You should be very careful while making the selection of subjects and careers. Your one decision decides your whole professional journey in the corporate world so go for it.

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