How to Search For Reputable Courses after


Graduation is essential for your career. However, if you have a little hint about the market and what is essential for a successful career, then you will know that having only graduation is not enough. We are talking about careers after You may have chosen commerce because of your interest in business and number and to be specific, for accounting.

Do you think that having a degree of will give you enough skills and expertise in accounting or business? Just having a degree even with great marks will not guarantee a triumph in the accounting field. Do you need to think about what you should do after the degree?

Below are given details about the options available for you after completing your graduation in the commerce field, means after Here you will find the summary of the whole thing.

Courses after
There are some common courses that students choose after passing or you can say students go with the crowd. You must think seriously before choosing these courses after b com. It’s the matter of your career.

Masters of business administration (Finance)
Students make the common mistake of considering finance and accounting as same. Finance is a broad topic and accounting is only a part of it. MBA in finance is a good career choice. If you want to do MBA, you have many options to choose from. The best is to prepare for CAT, XAT, and GMAT. You must start your preparation in the final year of your graduation. There are many business schools in India. You must do your MBA from the top 10 business school in India.

Master of commerce (
There are many students who pursue after completing is short for the master of commerce. You can do from many specialties like – finance, business, accounting, economics, statistics, etc. The course doesn’t provide you more value if you don’t continue it further for PhD. or M.Phil. You can also pursue with another course like – CA, CS, CMA, etc.

How to Search For Reputable Courses after

Charted accountant (CA)
This is the most common and popular course among students in India. Many students take a Charted Accountant course along with You can pursue the course after completing also. The course is not for soft-hearted students. CA is the second best course in the world. Only 2 to 3 % students are able to pass the exam in the first attempt.

Company Secretary (CS)
Many students opt for CS after high school or CS is totally a different course compared to CA or CMA. It’s more into the legal portion f the company. The course of the Company Secretary Course offers immense job opportunities to the students.

Cost and management accounting (CMA)
Students also choose CMA for having a successful career. It is a great course but it is not as important as CA or CS. Students go for it because there are numerous career opportunities for students.

There are many other courses that a small percentage of students opt for like – certified management accounting, an association of charted certified accountants, CPA, etc. These courses are also beneficial for a career. This is how you can go with the right courses after 12th commerce.

You should look for the right courses that prove helpful in so many ways. You can go with the above-mentioned courses so that you can get the right career opportunities and a bright future as well.

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